Why ACID ?

ACID serves as a place which ensures to make you a pioneer of investigative and detection field.

There are many institutes in the country which claim to give you the training to become an investigator but none of them gives
you any job assurance and neither have they provided any affiliation for the hard-work you put in gulping all the training modules.

ACID provides you a rigid affiliation in the form of a diploma which strengthens your career as an investigator.

We believe in the traditional and raw way of investigation accompanied with the latest surveillance techniques and technologies,
this way we set up technologically advanced teaching modules without compromising the likes of traditional and raw investigation methods.

Our team of faculty will be there to guide you at every point, at live assignments you will be given reviews for your performance
and observation and this would further help you In enriching your abilities.

Also , Employers prefer ACID graduates because they are better trained and make more competent employees.
This reduces the employer’s on-the-job training costs. In addition, ACID graduates are more capable of advancing
to more responsible positions within investigative firms.

So what are you still thinking, go ahead and choose ACID as it is worth your bet .

What we are

ACID is a India’s first crime investigation & detection, Forensic Organization providing certified course plus Distance crime investigation & detection Education, where the student can investigate the truth of any story by various methods while working with media police or any detective agency. We help our students to learn new technologies, methods and investigations such as use of camera, recorder, surveillance devices, debugging techniques, etc. We provide an excellent training and best practice of journalism, to raise the standard of critical reporting to a high professional level and to build a network in pan India. we believe in practical training and field work. We efficiently train students and successfully place them.


ACID (Academy of crime investigation and detection) is India’s first and premier institute which provides you with the core education and training to make you a “Giant” of the Investigative world . Along with the theories we tend to focus on taking our students to real time investigation scene and provide them an opportunity to run their mental horses and provide their share of observation . This not only helps them to explore their caliber but also gives them a chance to boost up their confidence level .